Before riding, please carefully read the “product instruction manual”, carefully check the parts are in good condition to ensure that you ride safety, if found, please contact the dealer.
Do not disassemble and disassemble the parts yourself. For replacement, please purchase the standard parts from our simple scooter distributor.
The battery used for the safety of the battery power, but the battery can not touch the metal contacts with wet hands, but can not contact with the metal at the same time, or stiff to produce a larger short-circuit current caused the accident. Please note!
Keep out of the reach of children when charging.
If you are driving a scooter on the road or in a public place, observe local traffic regulations and traffic rules.
Although a simple scooter has a solid body and a stable control system, but can not ignore the security issues, please keep in mind their own and other people’s safety.
Special Note: Please do not give children driving for safety reasons.
Do not drive on unsafe motorways.
The car folding advanced, connecting parts and more, although all screws are anti-loose handle, but should also be used regularly check whether the loose screws (if loose, please lock or repair in time).
The car is a collapsible vehicle, folding / unfolding process, the relative movement of the body for more parts, in order to prevent the use of hand or other debris when crushing, folding / unfolding process, the gesture must be guided by the operation on The right location operation, while attention should not be around the body may cause crush of debris, especially when children in the presence of special attention.
To ensure the safety of each trip, the test before and after the brake about whether the brake is normal, for you and others safe, prohibit the use of brake failure on the road vehicles.
As with all electric riding tools, the safe use of brake function, must be the first brake rear wheel (left hand brake lever), rear brake wheel (right hand brake handle).
The brake system uses advanced hydraulic disc brakes, the front brake is a pair of symmetrical brake parts, such as the left and right wheel brake force was clearly different, should be done in about brake maintenance, such as I can not maintain a good, please have Experience the maintenance of the master.
General experience, when dirt stained with brake discs, the slow security situation, Meng brake a few before the brake, left and right brake can restore balance.